Featured: E3 2021 Coverage

Lots of new gaming companies confirmed for E3

The list includes Square Enix, Gearbox, and Freedom Games.

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After a year's hiatus, E3 is finally back this year. This means more game announcements and big news than any other occasion during the year. As you know, Konami recently dropped out and Sony is not participating, but the organisers had already before confirmed a strong participating line-up - and now it's just gotten even better.

On Twitter, they have now announced that the following companies will also participate:

  • Bandai Namco

  • Binge

  • Devious Eye Entertainment

  • Freedom Games

  • Gearbox Entertainment

  • Sega

  • Square Enix

  • Turtle Beach

  • Verizon

  • Xseed Games/Marvelous USA

The all-digital E3 2021 runs from 12-15 June and we will of course be covering all of it, so make sure to check in often for news aplenty.

Lots of new gaming companies confirmed for E3

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