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Team Fortress 2

Lots of changes coming to Team Fortress 2

Lots of balance changes due with next patch.

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Team Fortress 2 remains one of the most popular games on Steam, and Valve is continously providing players with new content and things to do. In the upcoming patch players will not just be getting new maps, but there are some major changes being made to game balance.

One example is the Soldier class and its banners. In order to balance the Buff Banner and the Battalion's Banner more, the latter will now charge up when you do damage making it a more useful and less risky choice. The Dead Ringer ability of the Spy class is also being tweaked to make it less effective, while "set items" is also something that is being scrutinised.

The official blog has a more complete runthrough of the changes that are set to hit Team Fortress 2 soon.

Team Fortress 2

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