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Lost Planet 3

Lost Planet 3 details

Harsher than ever before.

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Capcom showed us more of Lost Planet 3 at this year's E3.
The game is the latest chapter in the sci-fi series that places thermal energy at the forefront of combat.

Set on an icy and unhosptibale planet, Lost Planet 3 will reveal truths about the colonial history of E.D.N. III.

Lost Planet 3

A new character will make an appearance in the game, Jim. He's a rig pilot who leaves earth in search of his fortune. Off Jim sets on a adventure to get more thermal energy, and kick the crap out of the indigenous Akrid on his way. Good old Jim.

Lost Planet 3Lost Planet 3

Game features will include:

A return to the harsh conditions of previous games. Lost Planet 3 is going to be bleak. Gameplay variety, once again switching between first and third person. A selection of multiplayer modes will also be supported.

Lost Planet 3 is due out early next year.

Lost Planet 3Lost Planet 3Lost Planet 3
Lost Planet 3Lost Planet 3Lost Planet 3Lost Planet 3
Lost Planet 3Lost Planet 3

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