Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen releases its ultimate challenge today

Clash of Champions gives players a chance to take down all the bosses in a row.

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Hexworks has just announced the introduction of its Clash of Champions update. A free bit of content for all existing players of Lords of the Fallen, giving them access to a boss rush mode as part of the game's ultimate challenge.

You can either choose to replay an individual boss, or take them all on sequentially as part of Clash of Champions. You can access Clash of Champions through the Vestige markers in the game, where you'll see the individual boss fights (labelled Echoes of Battle), while the Crucible lays out a number of challenges, forcing you to fight pre-selected bosses for extra rewards.

Following the Master of Fate update which released last month, we thought we were done with new content for a little while at least, but it seems that Hexworks had other plans. This update also coincides with the game's launch on Game Pass.

Lords of the Fallen

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