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Lords Cup adds football to Lords Mobile

New kickabout lands in time for knockout football.

How would you transform a mobile RPG game into a football game? Well, why not put a ball in the middle of the map and send your troops off to kick it. That's exactly what IGG's Lords Mobile will offer from today when the new event, Lords Cup, goes online. Players organised into guilds are invited to compete in 90-minute long matches to outscore other guilds to win undisclosed prizes.

The game mechanics sound quite simple. Every match (with a limit of four per day) starts with a Lords Ball appearing in the Kingdom. After that, every player must send units to kick it in the direction of their Base, Wonders or Darknests in order to earn points for their guild. There are also side effects linked in the last case, as the Darknest will respawn somewhere else. Lords Ball respawns every time a player scores up until the time runs up.

The story goes that the Lords Cup is an "event run by the goddess Athena, for all Lords and
Ladies to prove their worth". She will give a blessing to those who score, and the mystical powers held within banish the powers of darkness. Take a look at the gameplay video below.

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