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Long War Studios release new Xcom 2 mod

Mods include laser weapons and class changes.

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Long War Studios, the creators of the original XCOM mod, Long War, has released two mod packs for Xcom 2 to accompany the other mod packs they have released for the game, one being the Long War Toolbox released in April.

The first of these mod packs, the Long War Perk Pack, adds a lot of content to the game, including the choice of three perks per rank instead of two, and the reworking of character abilities. The Laser Pack adds a laser tier to weapons in the game and also new models, textures, particle effects and sounds.

These updates are part of Long War Studios' continuing partnership with both 2K and Firaxis, following their previous mods like the Alien Pack back in April. This partnership has been in place since before launch; back in January Long War Studios said they would be partnering with Firaxis and release content at launch in February.

All mods from Long War Studios are available via the Steam Workshop now. Fans of the game can also check out our review of Shen's Last Gift as well.

Xcom 2

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