Lone Echo II

Lone Echo 2 gets us back to Saturn this summer

Ready at Dawn is back with a sequel that further explores character interaction and takes us to experience zero gravity in VR.

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Liv and Jack's first adventure, Lone Echo, left several loose ends that left players with lots of questions. Its sequel, Lone Echo II, is bringing the missing answers this summer and, of course, much more to explore in a VR experience like few others.

This new entry picks up where the first one left off, bringing back all the mechanics that made it special and taking us to explore the rings of Saturn in the 26th century. "With this sequel, we are diving deeper into the relationship between Jack and Liv, and giving the player the opportunity to explore new bonds with new characters", explains Ru Weerasuriya, Founder and Head of Ready at Dawn.

Lone Echo II

One of many announcements from the recent Oculus Gaming Showcase. No exact release date given, but Lone Echo II is releasing this summer on Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S. Oculus Quest players will be able to enjoy it, though via Oculus Link or Air Link wireless VR system.

Lone Echo IILone Echo II
Lone Echo IILone Echo II

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