London Studio is developing a new PS5 franchise

The team is looking for a lead technical artist, a lead VFX artist, and a principal online gameplay designer.

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We've said it so many times, but job listings continues to be pure gold for those who want to know what is going on in the game industry. And we certainly do. This time, it is Sony's London Studio that has ads for a lead technical artist and a lead VFX artist, who should work on a "a brand new, next-gen IP."

If you continue your search, you'll also notice that they are looking for a principal online gameplay designer, and here they outright states that it is about a "new PS5 project." London Studio's latest game was the VR title Blood & Truth, so we assume it might be another VR game this time as well as we know since last months controller reveal that Sony is working on a new VR headset for PlayStation 5.

London Studio is developing a new PS5 franchise

Thanks, VGC.

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