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League of Legends

LoL's Likkrit receives six month ban from Riot Games

This is following comments he made on a stream.

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We've heard of quite a few stories of Riot Games responding to controversial incidences with bans, and now we've got another one, as Dot Esports reports that Kirill 'Likkrit' Malofeyev has been banned for six months after making statements about Riot Games on a stream.

Likkrit's alleged comments can be found here on Reddit, but the official post by Riot Games stated that: "According to Riot Games, there is every reason to recognise the conduct of Cyril Malofeev as unprofessional in accordance with the provisions of 10.2 of the Regulations and the imposition of punishment on the basis of the provision 10.2.8."

"Taking into account the severity of the consequences caused by the statements of Kirill Malofeev for the reputation of Riot Games, League of Legends and the Continental League, as well as the re-application of disciplinary sanctions ( suspension from participation in competitions in May 2017), Riot Games decides on the player's disqualification from participation in the competition for the League of Legends for six months, starting from December 18, 2017."

These comments were allegedly "discrediting the business reputation of the company Riot Games, and posing a threat to the image of League of Legends and the Continental League", hence why there has been such a response from Riot, and according to Cybersport Likkrit has actually retired as well.

What do you make of the whole situation?

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

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