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LoL Worlds was most-watched esports event of 2019

This is according to Esports Charts, which is going by the metric of hours watched over all major events.

The League of Legends World Championships - or Worlds as they're known - are always a standout esports event every year, especially with the finals, and it turns out 2019's edition was the most-watched esports event of 2019 in terms of hours watched, according to a tweet from Esports Charts.

137 million hours of Worlds was watched, marking a 66% increase compared to 2018's tournament and standing above The International's 88 million hours. Behind these two was the IEM Katowice Major, accumulating 53 million watched hours.

Worlds also got the highest peak too, with 3.9 million viewers tuning in for the semi-finals, marking a 94% increase compared to last year. The Fortnite World Cup also performed quite well too, getting a peak of 2.3 million.

These numbers don't include Chinese platforms, but they still spell out good news for League of Legends, as well as other esports like CS:GO, Fortnite, and Dota 2.

Was Worlds the best event of 2019?

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

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