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LoL Challenger Series players speak out on one week deadline

The teams have been given almost no time to prepare.

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The League of Legends Challenger Series is the series just below LCS in terms of skill, and it acts as a sort of stepping stone for players to improve and, hopefully, move up to the LCS. However, there are many that feel that Riot Games should put more of a focus on the CS, as it always seems to be less well-organised than the LCS.

Yesterday, Riot announced the details for the NA CS qualifiers, stating that the teams have only one week to prepare their teams and sign up for the series. This is especially bad news for free agents looking to be accepted into a team, as most CS teams will now be scrambling to get their acts together for such a short deadline.

Brandon "Brandini " Chen said : "I feel like it affects everyone that isn't currently on a team right now. They wont have enough time to practice as a team or they won't find players for a team."

Other players have spoken out also, expressing their dismay about the short deadline; Kenneth Tang, a well-known challenger series player, tweeted out, "lol Riot finally announced NACS qualifier details....and the cutoff is legit in one week"

This supposed lack of care from Riot about the Challenger Series comes at a time when the company and community are considering if there is any real need for a relegation system, and by proxy any need at all for a Challenger Series. That said, there is still money to be made in the Challenger Series as a whole, so we may indeed see Riot completely revamp the system at some point in the future.

Do you think one week is too short notice?

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