South Park

Lizzo reacts to her reference in South Park The End of Obesity

The new special tackled Ozempic, weight loss fads and more.

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No big name is ever safe from South Park. Al Gore was turned into a strange creature known as ManBearPig, Kanye West was shown as having intimate relations with fish, and now Lizzo has been depicted as a fake "weight loss" drug named after her.

In the clip, which Lizzo reacts to on her TikTok account, we see Stan's mum Sharon tell Kyle's mum how she couldn't afford Ozempic, but Lizzo also helped her achieve her goals. With Lizzo, she could eat whatever she wanted and keep physical activity to a minimum.

Lizzo didn't seem too bothered by the overall reference. She said at the end that she's "really that bitch." Lizzo took the reference as a moment to remind viewers she's telling people not to care about what others think and love themselves.

South Park
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