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Livestream Replay - Strafe & Immortal Redneck

Sam took on a spaceship and a pyramid, and lived to tell the tale.

Yesterday Sam took to the Gamereactor live page to show us an hour of Strafe and an hour of Immortal Redneck, giving us a taste of how each game plays, and how the roguelike elements work, but if you missed the action, then don't worry, as we've got a livestream replay down below for you to watch at your leisure.

If you're interested in the sci-fi gorefest that is Strafe, you can check out our review here, and if you want to know more about the Egypt-themed pyramid shooter Immortal Redneck, you can read our review here. Which looks better?

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REVIEW. Written by Sam Bishop

"There's a lot of fun to be had shooting at enemies, but we just wish it hadn't been let down by frame-rate drops, dull colours, and some cheap tactics."

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