Endzone: A World Apart

Livestock update makes settlers in Endzone: A World Apart into ranchers

Players will now be able to turn their newly farmed livestock into stews and cakes.

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Gentlymad's strategy game Endzone: A World Apart will be expanded upon with a small update over the course of the day. This time the livestock use in the post-apocalyptic world is the focus, because previously only hunters have recently been able to catch wild animals. You can trade them with caravans or round them up in the pasture and the products of your rabbits, goats, buffalos and chickens can be processed into delicious cakes or hearty stews in the kitchen.

These new aspects will also be reflected in the tutorial, once title update #9 arrives. Endzone: A World Apart will leave the early access stage sometime in 2021 and according to the developers over 100,000 players have already tried out since April.

Endzone: A World ApartEndzone: A World Apart

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