Detective Pikachu

Live action Pokémon movie in the works at Legendary

The Pokémon Company grants the license rights to make a film based on Detective Pikachu.

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Little is known or has been talked about Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Duo, a downloadable adventure game for Nintendo 3DS set in a world in which Pokémons behave like everyday animals except one special Pikachu who gains consciousness and becomes a detective.

This unique character is also becoming the protagonist of the live action movie that has just been approved. The Pokémon Company has agreed to a deal to lend the pocket monsters franchise licensing rights to Legendary Entertainment, production media company responsible of recent blockbusters such as Interstellar, 300, the Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan and Man of Steel.

Besides the deal, it is known that the plan is to have some express pre-production in order to start rolling and production itself in 2017, as detailed by Variety. Then Unversal Pictures will promote and distribute the film globally (except for Japan, where Toho got the rights).

Perhaps the rush has something to do with Pokémon Go?

Detective Pikachu

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