Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares will take 5 to 8 hours to complete

We chat with the producer and narrative designer of the creepy adventure.

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We recently sat down with producer Lucas Roussel and narrative designer Dave Mervik to learn more about Little Nightmares ahead of its April 28 release date.

Lucas Roussel, said that the game is "nearly complete in terms of content", and that they're currently "polishing and debugging the game", in order to make sure "the experience will be great".

Narrative designer Dave Mervik had this to say of the narrative and the setting:

"It's based on the primal fears that I think are born when you're a child. When everything seems so extreme and unfair, and really kind of surreal at times."


In terms of the scope of the game Roussel said they're "targeting 5 to 8 hours", and the reason for the big range is that during playtesting they've noticed how some players really like to explore the environments.

Mervik also described how what you see in Little Nightmares is the "evolution of the lifeblood" that was there back in the day when Tarsier Studios was founded (working on a game called The City of Metronome that never saw release).

Check out some homecooked gameplay and the new gameplay trailer below:

Little Nightmares

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