Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares hits Stadia next week

Tarsier Studios delightfully unsettling platform-adventure Little Nightmares is set to release on Stadia next week.

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Tarsier Studio's spooky platform-adventure Little Nightmares did an exceptional job at having players relive their childhood fears while keeping its core as an adorable platform experience and starting June 1, Stadia owners can grab a copy of the game. The announcement was made on the official Little Nightmares Twitter account, which stated; "It's a whole new way to slip into the Maw at a moment's notice. On June 1st, the original #LittleNightmares will be available on Stadia".

Tarsier Studios also added that those wanting news about the sequel Little Nightmares II will be getting more information later this summer.

Little Nightmares

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