Little Kitty, Big City

Little Kitty, Big City reaches over a million Game Pass players

And it did pass this milestone in way less than two weeks.

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Every now and then, there are indie games that barely get any hype beforehand and may not be GOTY candidates (albeit entertaining), but still make it through the media noise and become hugely popular. One such game was released earlier this month with Little Kitty, Big City.

Here you play a little cat who has fallen off a tall building in a big city, and is forced to act on its own to survive. It's a heart-warming story that we rewarded with a very good score, and apparently this was exactly what the fans wanted.

Now, the game's official Instagram account reports that Little Kitty, Big City has reached over one million Game Pass players. A really impressive figure of course, and the real number of players is probably even higher since some people have bought the game (which is also available for PC and Switch in addition to Xbox).

Congratulations, we think this was well deserved and hope it will encourage more people to check out the unique cat simulator.

Little Kitty, Big City

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