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Persona 5 Royal

Listen to the new battle theme from Persona 5: The Royal

The upcoming re-release of Persona 5 keeps having content added ahead of its launch next year.

If you played Persona 5 on your PlayStation 4 at launch or thereafter you probably remember the iconic battle theme "Last Surprise" (yes, the "you'll never see it coming" one). Well, that won't be the only song you hear when triggering a battle in the re-release of the game, Persona 5: The Royal. Apart from adding a new character and new storylines, more themes are coming to the game, and one was just revealed.

The song "Take Over", sung by Lyn will be played when the player triggers an ambush, and even though the "you'll never see it coming" works particularly well in this instance, it'll be nice to get an addition to the games' already fantastic soundtrack (and don't worry, normal battles will still play the classic). You can listen to the sweet tune here.

What do you think about this addition?

Persona 5 Royal

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