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Street Fighter 6

Listen to Guile's theme from Street Fighter 6

The fighting game is expected to debut in 2023.

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With MultiVersus released as an open beta, the hottest upcoming fighting game right now is probably Street Fighter 6, which launches for PC, PlayStation and Xbox next year. One of the confirmed returning characters is Guile, who once debuted in Street Fighter II, with the perhaps most classic theme and stage of all the Capcom fighters.

So will Capcom be able to deliver something equally iconic for Street Fighter 6 then when fighting on Guile's stage? Well, you can judge for yourself, as Capcom has shared the theme on Twitter, just click below to listen to it.

We think it is somewhat lacking in the personality department as nothing really implies that it is the military dudebro Guile it represents (could have been for any character). Then again, it's not bad at all, we just doubt it will ever feel iconic. What do you think?

Street Fighter 6

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