Raid: World War II

Lion Game Lion discusses Raid: World War II

A Payday-style co-op shooter.

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We recently got the opportunity to talk to Nikica and Ilija Petrusic about Raid: World War II, an action-packed co-op shooter coming from developer Lion Game Lion.

Raid will be the first game from Lion Game Lion that includes some of the staff that worked on Payday 2. Ilija did reassure use that the World War II setting would make the game very different, though, saying "the fact that in war where you have these groups of people who get to know each other, that sort of lends itself very good to our co-op experience and another thing is the class based stuff, I mean you had different people in the World War, doing different kinds of things, it lends itself very nicely for a co-op type of game".

With a lot of inspiration to pull from, Nikica explained to us how the game took a lot from films. "We've been watching a lot of movies, Kelly's Heroes, Inglorious Bastards, we just want to give the characters their own personality".


The game will have a storyline, in a similar fashion to other co-op shooters, that will include missions and various World War II based operations. Ilija explains the framework of the story, and "basically it's a group that has been put together by this woman called Mrs White, they're all pre-convicts and different backgrounds, they are here to get rich, but they sort of have to be here because otherwise they will be dead. So it is a game where you steal stuff for your own good but it's not the only thing you do".

The game is in the Alpha stage at the moment and does not yet have a release date, but currently is set to release only for PC. Nikica added that they are just looking for feedback on the game at the minute. "We want to do a really good co-op game and I think we can do it because we have the experience from Payday, hopefully it's going to be awesome".

For those of you eager to hear more about the game head over to their official website

Raid: World War II

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