Double Dragon Neon

Limited Run is releasing physical editions of 2 Double Dragon games for Switch

Pre-orders will open on May 28.

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Earlier Limited Run Games just announced that they are making May 28 the "Double Dragon Day", by delivering us 2 physical releases for 2 Double Dragon games.

These are Double Dragon IV and Double Dragon Neon. The former was released back in 2017 and the latter was brought to the modern platform via Switch in 2020.

According to Limited Run, both physical releases each have their own standard edition and collector's edition, and will be available in a four-week pre-order starting May 28 at 10 AM ET. The standard editions will be $29.99 USD. As to the special editions, Double Dragon IV is set at $69.99 and Neon is $84.99.

Here's what are included in the collector's editions:

Double Dragon IV Classic Edition for Switch

  • Double Dragon IV base game for Switch

  • Billy and Jimmy keychains

  • Original soundtrack on a mini-CD, all in a retro cartridge case

  • 18"x24" poster

  • Retro dust sleeve

Double Dragon Neon

Double Dragon Neon

  • Double Dragon Neon base game for Switch

  • Billy and Jimmy figures

  • Commemorative metal coin

  • Cassette soundtrack with cassette rewinder

  • Mini CD soundtrack in a retro cartridge case

  • Dragon kick soda can (empty)

  • Retro dust sleeve

  • Reversible 18"x24" poster

  • cards

Double Dragon Neon

Besides these, a single-LP vinyl for Double Dragon IV will also be available for pre-order.

Double Dragon Neon

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