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Limited Run Games is launching a physical collection of the first three Doom titles

Doom: The Classics Collection will launch on PS4 and Switch.

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Limited Run Games will soon be compiling the first three Doom titles together within a physical format for the very first time. Doom: The Classics Collection will release soon on PS4 and Switch and pre-orders are set to go live on April 2 and will close on May 2. Three editions of the collection are planned: the standard edition is listed for $29.99, the special edition is $79.99, and the collector's edition costs $129.99.

Both the special edition and collector's edition looked to be absolutely stuffed with content. Both editions contain items such as a marine helmet PVC keychain, a red metal keycard replica, and a reprint of the original 1996 16-Page Doom comic.

You can check out check all three editions of the collection here.


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