Limbo is currently free on Steam

Playdead's indie classic gratis on PC and Mac.

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Last week Limbo was offered up for free to the Xbox One community, with the announcement coming shortly after developer Playdead's follow-up title, Inside, was showcased during Microsoft's E3 presser (indeed, Xbox chief Phil Spencer has made it clear that he thinks Inside is game of the year material). Now Limbo has been made free on Steam as well, meaning people on PC and Mac are also able to experience this delightful and atmospheric platformer for themselves. If you've not played it before, head this way and get downloading.


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REVIEW. Written by Bengt Lemne

To be caught in Limbo has never felt better than in Playdead's indie darling on Xbox Live Arcade. Bengt has been in contact with his inner, black and white, child...

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