Like a Dragon: Yakuza

Like a Dragon: Yakuza TV series starts on Prime Video in October

Sega's beloved games are being turned into a six-episode live-action show.

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The Like a Dragon games, previously known as Yakuza, have grown in popularity across the globe the last few years, so it's understandable that Sega has given us plenty of new and remade games in the series lately. Not that the Japanese publisher will stop with that in these multimedia days.

Amazon and Sega reveal that a live-action TV series simply called Like a Dragon: Yakuza will premiere on Prime Video the 24th of October. Ryoma Takeuchi will play the lead role as Kiryu Kazuma in the 6 episodes that will be split between the 24th of October and 1st of November.

That's not the only split, as a press release also announces that the show will be set in two time periods: 1995 and 2005. We're told the story will be loosely based on the first game. Time will tell if this means we'll see some of the crazy side stories, extraordinary fights and generally absurd situations from this and other games in the franchise.

What must Like a Dragon: Yakuza do right to please you?

Like a Dragon: Yakuza

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