Like a Dragon: Ishin

Like a Dragon: Ishin! Confirms Kenny Omega and Rahul Kohli will appear in the game

The actor and professional wrestler will each have their own special card and attack.

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Like a Dragon: Ishin! has just got two new trailers, each showing off a celebrity cameo in the game in the form of an attack card that contains their likeness.

For Omega, the pro wrestler has an AoE sweep attack that links with one of his wrestling moves. Kohli, on the other hand, just unleashes fiery fury in a huge ball of flame that knocks down and deals heavy damage to all foes in front of the player.

In separate trailers, the actor and wrestling star both spoke about how they're fans of the Yakuza or Like a Dragon series, with each explaining their own connections to it and why you should be using their attacks.

Check out the trailers below:


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