Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is the longest game in the series

The Infinite part of the name did seem to hint at it being a pretty long game.

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When the developers describe the game's length as "monster class", you know it's going to take a lot of hours. That's exactly what Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth needs, according to Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio boss Masayoshi Yokoyama. He describes it as a "monster-class game longer than anything we've made so far" and that it's not something that can be played through in one or two all-nighters. He says this in an interview with Japanese outlet Game Watch (translated by Automaton). He also sees challenges with this:

"This means that a lot of people are going to hesitate to play the game or will end up having it wait on their shelves. I found the possibility of that kind of outcome sad, so I thought, we have to get everyone hyped up enough to play it."

The solution, and especially the first sentence, is something I did not expect to read.

"We have to get people to play the game in about a week or a month, even at the cost of their health, which is why it's our duty as creators to generate enough to be excited about. I've thought this way for the past year or two - for a game like Infinite Wealth, we have to get a festival going on. It would feel kind of rude to just drop such a long game and be done with it."

Yakuza: Like a Dragon had a story that lasted around 50 hours, so we can expect Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, which will be released on 26 January, to beat that by a long shot.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

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