Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth has an Animal Crossing inspired mode

And it's just as ultra crazy as you might imagine.

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One of the games that was showcased during the Xbox Partner Preview event a couple of hours ago was Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. We were treated to plenty of crazy mini-games (including dolphin riding), but also Happy Resort Dondoko Island.

This is a mode clearly inspired by the Animal Crossing series, in which we can run our very own island resort. You can walk around and become friends with tourists, go fishing, catch butterflies, redecorate, craft furniture and build various infrastructures. Not all tourists are friendly though, so there will be some fighting involved as well.

Sounds strange? It's actually beyond that even, take a look in the brand new trailer below to see for yourself. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth premieres for PC, PlayStation and Xbox on January 26.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth
Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

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