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Lightyear Frontier

Lightyear Frontier has been indefinitely delayed

The sci-fi farming game is abdicating its previous Early Access launch window.

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Frame Break, the developer behind the upcoming Lightyear Frontier has announced that the game will not be making its planned release window, and instead is being delayed indefinitely.

As announced in a statement on Twitter, we're told that the developer "can't commit to a launch window right now", as "video game development is tricky".

The statement also notes that Frame Break remains "committed to building a thoughtfully-designed experience and continuing the conversation with our community in the process."

In terms of what this means for when Lightyear Frontier will actually arrive, all we are told is that a launch window will be communicated in the future as soon as the developer has an idea about when the title will be ready to enter into Early Access.

Lightyear Frontier

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