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Lightning McQueen and Mater are going on a road trip to celebrate Disney+ Day

Cars on The Road will be a nine-part series from Pixar that sees the film series cast reprising their roles.

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Disney+ Day is already shaping up to be quite exciting for subscribers of the streaming service, as it has previously been revealed that the live-action Pinocchio movie would start streaming here, and now to add to to this, it's been revealed that fans of Cars will have a new Pixar-animated series to check out as well.

Known as Cars on the Road, this series will be coming to Disney+ on September 8, and will be a nine-episode show that depicts a road trip that Lightning McQueen and Mater go on to attend Mater's sister's wedding.

Unlike various other series like this that seemed to have scaled back production, this really does seem to have that Pixar-level finish, and to match up with that, the cast of the film series are back to reprise their respective roles with Owen Wilson as McQueen and Larry the Cable Guy as Mater.

Be sure to check out a trailer for the series below ahead of its release in September.

Lightning McQueen and Mater are going on a road trip to celebrate Disney+ Day

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