Light up your life with WiZ Connected's Portrait Desk Lamp

We've got our hands on the gadget on the latest episode of Quick Look.

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There are truly many choices when it comes to using smart light technology to light up your life these days, and with this in mind, we've got our hands on a new device in this category on the latest episode of Quick Look.

Known as the WiZ Connected Portrait Desk Lamp, this gadget allows users to light up their desk in a multitude of ways by using the dual-light zones. With a ring light shape, the gadget is also great for use during video calls, meaning it can also help make you look better when chatting to your boss or a distant friend or family member.

To see if this is the lighting solution for you, be sure to watch the latest episode of Quick Look below, where our very own Magnus shares a ton of thoughts and opinions on the device.


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