Light up the night with Nomad's Glow 2.0 range

We've got our hands on some of the photoluminescent accessories on the latest Quick Look.

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Nomad produces a huge array of exciting accessories and items to be used with your more expensive technology and gear. We've taken a look at many over the years as part of our Quick Look video series, but few are as eye-catching as the latest line of Glow accessories.

This range of accessories use a photoluminescent colouring so that they give off a vibrant and bright green colour when the lights are low or off altogether. Needless to say, for those looking for a colourful and striking accessory to wear to a rave, you need look no further.

To see the Glow 2.0 accessories in further depth and to hear our very own Magnus' thoughts and opinions on them, be sure to check out the latest episode of Quick Look below.


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