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Life is Strange: True Colors
Featured: E3 2021 Coverage

Life is Strange: True Colors' characters "are real people, that are multifaceted"

We asked Deck Nine Games about how important inclusion and displaying real characters was in creating True Colors.

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The Square Enix Presents: Summer 2021 concluded on Sunday evening, giving us a glimpse of a whole bunch of titles that the publisher has in the works down the line. To wrap up the show, we got another deeper look at Life is Strange: True Colors, the next instalment into the iconic adventure series (you can find our latest preview here). We also got the chance to catch up with a few of the developers behind the title, where we asked them about inclusivity and how important it is to the game.

"So, one of the hallmarks, as you said, of Life is Strange is inclusion, showing a real world with real characters...them experiencing problems, joys, wins, all of the different breaks of experience of what it's like to be a young person in America," said Rebeccah Bassell, producer at Deck Nine Games. "One of the wonderful aspects of Life is Strange: True Colors is we continue this tradition of having a small town focused on a diverse set of characters, with different experiences coming either as locals or as transplants through Haven Springs, And talking about themes that everyone...talking about universal themes of love, loss, grief, what home means, finding your place and understanding, you know, what makes you different, how that makes you special to those around you... So, it definitely is very important to us in that aspect and it is kind of the next evolution of that in a much more broader experience. So, we are definitely honoring the original game with that but taking it to the new level of showing wider cast, more free to explore and more free to engage with and appreciate."

Following up on this Felice Kuan, senior staff writer at Deck Nine chimed in, saying, "Just to jump on the end of what Rebeccah was saying: we are extremely proud of who Alex is, who the other characters are. One of the things that was very important to us in writing is that we have diverse characters that are real people, that are multifaceted. Alex's background is unique to her. She's queer, she's Asian, you know, there's body positivity, so... yeah."

You can take a look at the full interview with Deck Nine Games below, where we chat further with about what makes Life is Strange: True Colors unique from former LiS titles.

Life is Strange: True Colors

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