Life is Strange

Life is Strange reaches over 20 million players

The gaming community still has a lot of love for Max Caulfield.

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Despite being released over eight years ago, the original Life is Strange is somehow still finding new fans of Max Caulfield's adventures. And this has now led to an extremely impressive milestone that very few other games can brag about, as the studio Don't Nod now reveals on X that the game has passed 20 million players (not to be confused with sold games).

Life is Strange is still getting new installations, but Don't Nod themselves has moved on from the franchise, and the latest game - Life is Strange: True Colors from 2021 - was developed by Deck Nine instead.

We think the success for Life is Strange is well deserved and it's an adventure that hasn't aged much at all, and still feels just as relevant. Check out our review to learn more about it.

Life is Strange

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