Life is Strange: Double Exposure

Life is Strange: Double Exposure to be a direct sequel to the original

Max Caufield returns in a more adult narrative adventure with new powers.

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What a surprise we got this afternoon at the Xbox Games Showcase when we saw the Square Enix and Deck Nine names together again. Life is Strange is coming back, and it's coming back with its original protagonist, Max Caufield.

Life is Strange: Double Exposure is set several years in the future after the events of Arcadia Bay and shows us a more grown-up Max who disavows her time-controlling powers, but who, through her desire to save a friend who has been murdered, discovers new powers.

Of course, we're in for a narrative adventure full of complex decisions and emotional depth when it opens on 29 October 2024. PS5, Xbox Series and Game Pass have been confirmed.

Life is Strange: Double Exposure
Life is Strange: Double ExposureLife is Strange: Double Exposure

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