Life is Strange 2

Life is Strange 2's content changed after player feedback

Lead writer Jean-Luc Cano revealed that, following Episode 1, they made alterations to the next episode since fans loved a particular character.

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Square Enix and Dontnod recently hosted us for a preview event of Life is Strange 2's final episode in London, and during our time at the event we caught up with lead writer Jean-Luc Cano to talk about the episodic format this time around, which actually helped incorporate player feedback in terms of content.

"We already faced it on the first season, so on the second season, as I told you, the biggest change was that they, unfortunately, took more time between episodes, but what I like in episodic structure is that it allows us to make some quick adjustments between episodes, even if the main story is written from the beginning," he said. "With the episodic structure we can make some little adjustments regarding the feedback and the player choices."

"So, for example, in Episode 1 you have the character of Lyla, and for us, at the end of the first episode when Sean calls Lyla and says 'okay, goodbye', and breaks his phone, for us the story was done. But we had a lot of feedback from the players that loved Lyla so much, so we said 'okay, let's bring her back in Episode 2' and give the player the possibility to call her again, even if it will have bad consequences on Sean."

"But yeah, I love the episodic format because you can't shape the experience of the player and please them without changing the main story, but yeah, make the experience of the player more cool to them."

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Life is Strange 2

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