Life is Strange 2

Life is Strange 2 video focuses on how Daniel learns

Your actions in the game affect his growth, and this will extend into the season finale next month.

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When it was announced that Life is Strange 2 was getting a physical release and collector's edition, we also found out that the finale would be coming our way on December 3, and to celebrate the impending conclusion Square Enix and Dontnod have released a new video focusing on the development of Daniel as a character, which you can watch below.

Daniel grows on this journey that the brothers go on, watching his brother and learning from him, and these lessons determine the outcome of the story. Your choices as Sean shape Daniel's future, and two core values are at the heart of this - morality and brotherhood.

In fact, during the first four episodes alone, there are over 50 moments where your decisions shape Daniel's mind, and this applies to actions and well as words.

"But above all, in Life is Strange 2, there is no right or wrong choice: there is only your choice," the press release reminds us.

You can read an in-depth analysis of Daniel's journey right here. Are you pleased with the decisions you've made so far?

Life is Strange 2

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