Life hack discovered for the Xbox Series S/X controller

We can see this saving many valuable seconds.

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If you are using your Xbox Series S/X-controller for Bluetooth units every now and then, like playing streamed Xbox Game Pass titles on your smartphone, you know you have to sync the controller between the different units. It's not a big problem in any way, but there is in fact an easier solution, as Gamespot has discovered that will save you valuable seconds of your life.

All you have to do is hold the sync button on the controller for three seconds to automatically choose the latest used Bluetooth-unit, and double-tap sync to once again choose the Xbox. It's worth pointing out that one unit has to be Bluetooth compatible and the other has to be the Xbox wireless standard, so you cannot use Xbox and the Xbox Wireless Adapter for PC to switch between them this way.

Head over to Twitter where the user Timo Wolf demonstrates how you do this. An easy life hack that makes it smoother to use your Xbox Series S/X controller for both Xbox Cloud Gaming or PC and your Xbox console.

Life hack discovered for the Xbox Series S/X controller

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