Lies of P
Featured: Gamescom 2022 Coverage

Lies of P's director thinks its an honour being called "Bloodborne meets Pinocchio"

A sleepy Choi Ji-Won felt "touched" and "bad" following Gamescom.

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One of the most wanted games at Gamescom last month was Lies of P. It was part of the Xbox booth following the Game Pass release announcement the day before at ONL, but even with press passes during the industry-only day it meant hours of queueing to play. Luckily, the good people at Neowiz found Gamereactor a dedicated slot where not only could we play and capture Lies of P, but also interview its director at Round 8 and team Nough, Ji-Won Choi.

"We never expected this much interest and the love that we are getting right now", admits Ji-Won with his hand on his heart via representative Jiyoon Shin's interpretation in the video below. "So, we are of course touched, but at the same time we feel very bad for the people that have to wait for hours in the line and maybe they have to leave without playing, but that also motivates us to make a better game".


On the topic of emotions, we also asked the director about the "Lies of P is like Bloodborne meets Pinocchio" comparison many people are using to define the game:

"I am myself a very big fan of Bloodborne", the Korean developer confesses about FromSoftware's work. "So I'm feeling so honoured for just being called together with the name of Bloodborne with my art. So I am very honoured".

Lies of P looked pretty polished from what we saw and played, but the team at Round 8 still has a tense road ahead until completion:

"We are really suffering without sleep to really bring it to the fans", Ji-Won smiles about potential crunch to get the job done. "We also appreciate all the love for the Xbox Game Pass [Day] one [announcement]. We are at a stage of 70% [of development so far]. So, in the demo version you can experience two chapters and there will be seven more chapters that you will discover in the full version. We are expecting not to pass summer of 2023, so we expect to show it to the fans before the summer".

Lies of P will then release on PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4.

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