Lies of P

Lies of P is getting a Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty crossover next week

Celebrate Valentine's Day with this joining of two great action games.

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In case you've got no presents or cards this Valentine's Day, Lies of P and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty have got your back. This coming Wednesday, the 14th of February, the two Souslikes are collaborating to give you some new equipment items in Lies of P.

The Dragon Crescent Glaive, Armour and Bandana of the Honourable will be available as part of this celebration, giving you some new options for fighting against the clockwork enemies littered in Lies of P.

Previously, some Lies of P gear was dropped off in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, so it seems that Team Ninja is just returning the favour here. Soon, hopefully we can see some more substantial DLC from Lies of P, as it seemed that developer Neowiz was indicating an expansion could be on the cards.


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