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Lies of P

Lies of P brings huge nerfs to bosses, buffs to player

We can't wait for all the purists claiming they're the real gamers because they beat the Soulslike when it was hard.

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When you hear the term Souslike, and you're not a fan of being battered by Lord Glorpus the Ancient King of Methathon, you'll probably feel a shiver run down your spine. These games are notorious for their difficulty, but Lies of P is hoping to change that with its latest patch.

As outlined in the patch notes on Steam, a few major bosses are having their HP cut down in order to make them a bit easier to beat. Fallen Archbishop Andreus, the King of Puppets, and Simon Manus should all take a few less hits to bring down now. Also, some monsters out in the field will have less health, too.

Also, for players who aren't constantly summoning in allies, the amount of Star Fragments you'll see is going to decrease, which means more space for upgrade materials and XP drops. Also, players can now increase their carry weight by spending points in capacity, which means you won't be thinking actively about how heavy you are anymore.

Do you think these changes are good for Lies of P?

Lies of P

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