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Tekken 7

Lidia Sobieska is the last Tekken 7 fighter from Season 4

She joins the roster on March 23 along with a brand new stage.

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As previously teased, the next and also final fighter for Tekken 7: Season 4 is the Primie Minister of Poland. Yesterday she was properly introduced with a fairly long trailer, and she is called Lidia Sobieska, and uses karate to kick butt.

Sobieska seems to have a fighting style that reminds us a bit of Hitomi from the Dead or Alive series, and does not look like your typical female Tekken fighter by being somewhat more down to earth than a lot of the others. Judging from the trailer, she has a fairly ordinary moveset, and seems to have both good parry and ari-juggling moves.

She launches on March 23 together with the Island Paradise stage, and we look forward to trying out some punch and kicks with her. Do you feel the same? Check out the trailer below:

Tekken 7

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