Librarian spent $89,000 of public money on mobile game

Game of War cost Utah resident his house and retirement fund.

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Spending money on microtransactions can be risky business, as one purchase leads to another when getting some cosmetics or in-game items, and now Kotaku has reported that Adam Winger, director of the North Logan City library in the state of Utah in the US, has been sentenced after being fired from his job last year for spending $89,000 USD of public money on a mobile game called Game of War.

Winger had - according to a report from The Herald Journal - purchased "hundreds" of gift cards on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play, and most of these were spent on Game of War's microtransactions. Winger was subsequently sentenced to 30 days in jail and 100 hours of community service, and also has to pay $78,000, which he did by selling his house and his retirement fund. This payment also allowed him to avoid prison.

Have you been sucked into the world of microtransactions?

Librarian spent ,000 of public money on mobile game

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