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Level 50 has been achieved for the first time in Pokémon Go

FleeceKing managed to beat the competition and shared the news on Twitter.

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Back in November, Pokémon Go released its Go Beyond update and among other changes, it increased the level cap up to 50. Within the last two months, players have been desperately scrambling to make their way to this milestone and just yesterday it was revealed that two players had been able to make it across the finish line. Coming in first place was Australian player FleeceKing and finishing just 16 minutes behind him was Twitter user, Lauren Bertoni.

Ten levels might not seem like a lot, but the difference between level 49 and level 50 alone, for example, is a whopping 30 million experience points. To put this into perspective, you only earn 10,000 XP for completing a Legendary Raid and 500 XP for tasks like evolving a Pokémon, catching an egg, or registering a new Pokémon to your Pokédex.

Really, we can't begin to comprehend how many hours the pair spent playing over these last two months, but we do have to applaud their patience and persistence.

Pokémon Go

Thanks, Nintendo Life.

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