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Rainbow Six: Siege

Leroy Athanassof on Rainbow Six Siege: Dust Line

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At the Rainbow Six Pro League finals not everything was focused on competition. During the day Ubisoft also revealed everything about their new DLC which Season Pass holders will be getting today. We spoke to the game designer Leroy Athanassoff about Dust Line; what we could expect of it and how these new features will affect the dynamics of the game.

"For the first time we add two new operators that come from the NAVY Seals," says Athanassoff. "And we added a new map - Border - that will be the most destructible we have had in the game and that is also a superb mix of outdoor and indoor. I think that will change the way people play the game"

"There's a lot of things coming in this release. Yes, we are talking about new operators and a new map, but there is for example also new ways to customise your character. Like for example we bring you headgears. That means you will be able to change the face of your character. And since we have now added, at the end of each game, a winning screen where you will see the characters of the team that wins and their own customisations. It's a good moment to see how cool their characters are. We also have charms that you can put on the side of your gun. And then we changed a lot of the operators."

Rainbow Six: Siege

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