Lemnis Gate

Lemnis Gate is hosting a PC beta July 22-26

It's set to feature four maps and two game modes.

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PC players will soon be able to get their first taste of time-based tactical shooter Lemnis Gate, as a beta is being held exclusively on the platform July 22-26.

According to a press release that we received, the beta will feature four maps that will be playable across two different modes. The first of these two modes is called Retrieve XM and it requires players to deposit ball-shape materials known as XM (or Exotic Matter) into their team's goal. The second mode is known as Domination and it tasks players with controlling certain areas of the map. The objectives of these modes sound pretty simple, but things get pretty complex as you'll need to monitor your opponent's through several different time loops.

Frontier also noted that any weapon or operative skins unlocked during the beta will carry over to the game upon launch.

You can take a look at our first impressions of Lemnis Gate here.

Lemnis Gate

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