Lemnis Gate

Lemnis Gate detailed during Gamescom, out in early 2021

The time-bending shooter was part of the line-up during Opening Night Live.

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One game that we got a first proper look at during a recent press event is Lemnis Gate, another addition to Frontier's new publishing label. It's under development at Canadian outfit Ratloop Games, but the Elite makers will publish the game when it lands in early 2021.

The premise is extremely interesting, and it's one of the new breed of shooters that mixes interesting time-bending mechanics to create a truly unique experience. This one is a split between shooter and strategy themes where it basically adds new characters into a 25 second time loop.

Your past actions persist so there's a chance for you plan out the actions of your opponent and intervene, creating a layered shooter experience that requires careful strategy and a steady aim.

Players will need to change the timeline in their favour, disrupting the past to change the future in both 1v1 and 2v2 matches. The studio has revealed four classes so far (commander, sniper, assistant, and chemist), and as previously mentioned, this fascinating shooter is heading to PC in early 2021.


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