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LEGO teases new Lord of the Rings set

A return to Middle-earth after a decade away.

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In a new Twitter post, LEGO has teased a new Lord of the Rings set, with a short video showing off the ring falling in front of a minifigure that we can assume to be our leading Hobbit Frodo.

In the reflection of the ring, keen-eyed fans spotted Rivendell, the place where the Fellowship was first formed. It seems then, that we could be getting a set centred around the house of Elrond for our return to Middle-Earth.

LEGO last put out Lord of the Rings sets in 2012 and 2013, making it ten years since we last saw the universe represented in toy bricks.

If Rivendell is going to be the focus of the new set, it's likely going to come with a hefty price tag. Knowing fans of LEGO and Tolkien, though, it seems no price will be too high to build their very own recreation of a famous location from the beloved books and movies.

LEGO teases new Lord of the Rings set

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