Lego promises to triple its sustainability spending

Following the decision to scrap recycled bottle-based plastic substitute.

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A few days ago, Lego was in headlines because of its decision to move on from a recycled bottle-based plastic substitute, known as rPET, that it had been developing. The reason was down to the fact that while the plastic has potential, its carbon footprint and emissions would have been too steep due to Lego needing to create tons of additional manufacturing equipment to support it. But with this now behind them, Lego has made additional promises and plans to step up its sustainability effort.

As noted in a press release, Lego plans to triple its sustainability initiatives spending to a total of $1.4 billion until 2025. This comes as the Danish company also notes that it has tested 300 different substitute plastic materials so far, some of which have been successful, some less so, like rPET.

Talking about rPET, Lego added: "When we announced a prototype, we were optimistic about its potential, but after two years of testing, decided not to progress as ultimately it wouldn't have helped us reduce carbon emissions. We also believe there are potentially better alternatives that will help us meet our sustainability ambitions."

Lego has plans to become net zero by the year 2050 and to reduce carbon emissions by 37% by the year 2032.

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Lego promises to triple its sustainability spending

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