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The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Lego has a big reveal set for Mario Day

The toy company promises big updates and even bigger reveals later this week.

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There have been a few collaborations between Lego and Super Mario in recent years, with the latest set focusing on Bowser. However, it seems this crossover still has a lot left in it, as Lego is promising some big reveals for Mario Day.

Mario Day is the 10th of March, and will see a Lego Super Mario YouTube Premiere, which will give us some more information on what's next for the collaboration. We don't know exactly what's coming, but can guess there's likely going to be a new set announced or something else that combines Lego and one of Nintendo's greatest mascots.

In other Lego news, a huge new Lord of the Rings set has been revealed, which costs a pretty penny. It seems Lego is expanding a lot of its work with other IPs, as proven by the Mario Day broadcast.

What do you think will be announced at the Lego Super Mario YouTube Premiere?

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

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